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These will come as a set of two unless stated in the drop down menu.

These stitch markers can be used for both knitting and crochet projects and help you to identify the start of rounds, increases and decreases, and so on.

To use them in crochet projects just open the clasp and slide the curved arm around your stitch, then snap it shut.
For knitters simply slide the closed clasp from one needle to the next.

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Stitch Markers

Teal Mermaid, Orange/Yellow Mermaid, Turquoise Mermaid, Green Mermaid, Yellow/Pink Mermaid, Turquoise/Pink Mermaid, Purple Marble Mermaid, Pink Flower of Life, Pink Purple Swirl, Grey Rainbow, Rose set of 1, Pink Crysanthemum set of 1, Holly set of 1, Sunflower set of 1, Green Father Christmas set of 1, Pumpkin set of 1, Pink Gradient set of 5, Blue Gradient set of 5, Cherry Blossom, Purple Starry Night, Blue Starry Night, Star, Toadstool set of 1, Autumn Leaf, Heart set of 5, Heart set of 3, Heart set of 2

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