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Handcrafted from polymer clay and sanded to give a wonderfully smooth finish these hooks feel amazing in your hands, and are shaped ergonomically for comfort too.

The size is stamped on the shaft of the hook where I have created a thumb rest to aid hook control. The hooks are glazed with a layer of protective speciality glaze.

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Witchy Tights 2mm, Witchy Tights 3mm, Witchy Tights 3.5mm, Witchy Tights 5mm, Witchy Tights7mm, Witchy Tights 9mm, Witchy Tights 10mm, Green Sheep 3mm, Green Rainbow Sheep 3mm, Purple Sheep 3mm, Green Rainbow Sheep 5mm, Purple Starry Night 3mm, Purple Starry Night 4mm, Purple Starry Night 5mm, Purple Starry Night 6mm, Blue Starry Night 6mm, Blue Starry Night 7mm, Wicked Marble 6.5mm, Wicked 6mm, Wicked 7mm, Wicked 9mm, Summer 4.5mm, Summer 5mm, Summer 7mm, Summer 9mm, Summer 10mm cosmetic defect, Rainbow Grad Chunky 3mm, Rainbow Grad slim 3mm, Rainbow Marble 6.5mm, Rainbow Marble 7mm, Rainbow Marble 8mm, Rainbow stripe 3.5mm cosmetic defect, Rainbow stripe 4mm cosmetic defect, Rainbow stripe 5mm cosmetic defect, Urban Rainbow 3.5mm, Urban Rainbow 6mm, Turquoise PInk Mermaid 3mm, Turquoise PInk Mermaid 4mm, Turquoise PInk Mermaid 4.5mm, Turquoise PInk Mermaid 5mm, Turquoise PInk Mermaid 6mm, Green Mermaid 4mm cosmetic defect, Green Mermaid 4.5mm cosmetic defect, Green Mermaid 5mm cosmetic defect, Green Mermaid 6mm cosmetic defect, Peacock 5mm, Turquoise Purple Gold gradient 5mm, Orange Swirl 3.5mm, Yellow mermaid 3.5mm, Purple 3mm, Purple marble 3mm

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